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Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Reduce wrinkles and lines


Creases and ridges develop in the skin as you get older, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. An inevitable part of the ageing process, this is because the skin stops producing collagen which makes up the connective tissue that keep our skin elastic and smooth. Drier and thinner skin is more prone to damage, which can also be contributed by excessive exposure to the sun or dehydration.

We have come a long way understanding how lifestyle and environmental factors cause wrinkles (other than natural ageing). Wrinkles and fine lines, are inevitable part of ageing, and can make a person look old, sad, angry or tired. To look younger and/or more refreshed, many people who have wrinkles and fine lines seek treatment.



Fine lines often appear in your mid-late twenties. So it is a great idea to stop them in their tracks. Fine lines develop before full blown wrinkles. They are both cause by natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin as well as years of exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun, fine lines first appear around the eyes and mouth in your twenties.

Fine lines indicate the beginning stages of the skins ageing process. They are small and shallow. Fine lines are caused by expression facial movement such as smiling, laughing, squinting and frowning. Fine lines are superficial and often responded well to treatment.

Expression lines are so called because they are commonly caused by the facial expression. They are so superficial and unusually involve only the topmost layer of the skin. At Biodermal we offer expression facial in our non-surgical face lift, which is tailored to address just those expression lines.

Fine lines most frequently found around the eyes and the mouth. Fine lines stay on your face and deepen as you get older because the breakdown collagen and elastin with ageing. Wrinkles form when fine lines are not treated and progress into facial folds.

  • Sun Protection
  • Give up smoking
  • Less alcohol
  • Healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • Invest in food skin care products

At Biodermal we offer a skin programme, that can increase collagen production by at least 14%.  Improve sagging skin and overall firmness. We use our technology base equipment in conjunction with products as a treatment.


Please consult with your therapist on which products are best for you.