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Express Facial

Quick and Effective Facials


At our express facial bar, we are able to assess your skin and provide a quick and effective treatment.

This treatment regime has been designed to meet the needs of the millennial lifestyle. But it is also an excellent introductory and consultative facial whereby we are able to workout an individualised treatment plan and home care product regime for you.

This service has been developed to be precise and concise whereby you can visit our express facial bars for a quick and affordable treatment during your lunch or in between your life’s busy schedule.

Deep Cleanse

An ultrasonic exfoliation leaving skin smooth and refreshed


Decongestion and extraction of blackheads and white heads

Product Application

Allowing deeper absorption of products for effective results

Beautiful skin requires commitment


This nifty device has become the essential part of the express bar. We are able to give you quick and effective treatments with no down time. We provide you with high tech ultrasonic exfoliation leaving the skin fresh and smooth.

LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy emits light of various wavelengths in order to stimulate different responses within the skin. We have taken full advantage of this non-invasive technology to address a variety of skin conditions from dehydration, saggy to acne skin.