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Anti-ageing Treatment

Energise your skin


Oxygen facial is the latest anti-ageing treatment rapidly growing in popularity due to Hollywood celebrities indulging in this beauty regime. The beauty secrets behind this innovative treatment is that pure oxygen is infused into the skin and we use an array of ceuticals to tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

It is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation which utilises the benefits of oxygen and we are able to hydrate, energise and infuse a collagen mask into the skin improving the overall heath of the skin.

Oxygen facial is an excellent way to help combat and control acne and breakouts as oxygen is used to kill off bacteria.

Collagen Infusion

Hydrates, tightens & soften the signs with a collagen masque

Brightening Infusion

Brightens pigmentation, dull skin & acne with a brightening masque

Clear Infusion

Clears and calms acne skin with our clarity masque

The secret to celebrity perfect skin


The facial is done using the amazing power hyper baric 94% oxygen to infuse serum and target specific products into the skin. The treatment hydrates the skin, making the face appear smoother and plumper.

  • Oxygen jets are used to plump up fine lines
  • Oxygen spritz sprays hydrating infused fluids onto the skin
  • Oxygen dome is used at the end of the treatment to oxygen infuse the masque into the skin

The results from your first treatment session will last for about seven days. We often recommend this facial to clients that want to be “event ready” eg. weddings, matric balls or other special occasions.

Dry, dehydrated, prematurely ageing, sensitive and sun damaged skin can benefit from this treatment.